Thyristor Controlled Automatic Rectifiers

Platting - Anodizing

(Upto 20,000 Amps)

Electroways is a countrywide leading supplier for rectifiers with a huge quantity of small to very large systems successfully in operation. The expertise and the technological know-how developed over the years enable us to provide our customers the ideal rectifier solution. The Power Compact Rectifier is Electroways's all in one, cabinet mounted rectifier unit including LV-Transformer, Rectifier, Controller, Cooling and operator panel facilities. As a state-of-the-art rectifier system and manufactured on the highest quality standards, it is highly efficient, reliable and designed for easy installation and start-up. Its built-in, fully electronic controller provides outstanding regulation, protection and monitoring features. Our Rectifier's wide power range allows vast applications in various industries.

We are glad to consult you in finding the best solution for a reliable D.C-power supply in your plant. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Brief Specifications

Input Voltage: 380 - 440 Volts, 3-Phase 50Hz. AC supply
Output Voltage: Fixed Rated maximum DC voltage or variable from zero to maximum rated voltage.
Output Current: Rated maximum DC current
Temperature Rise: Less then 35oC above ambient.
Efficiency: Greater than 80%
Ripple Content: Less than 5%
Insulation: ‘A’ class.

Salient Features

Electroways rectifier equipment are wound with electrolytic Prime grade copper strip to minimize power losses, Our equipments are designed liberally as per capacity and are Ideally suitable for marginal over loading conditions. We use SCR Technology for output control, protections and regulation by built-in electronic stabilizer .

DIODES: Silicon diodes are tested in-house, similar PIV batch and same forward drop diodes are used in the equipment for equal load sharing and reducing the power losses of diodes.
LAMINATION CORE: We use imported lamination core which have minimum power losses and results in better efficiency of equipment and saving in energy bill.
PAINTS: We are painting the equipment with Epoxy paint which is resistant to acidic environment of plating process and enhance the life of the equipment by preventing it from corrosion.
METER: We use reputed make European DC meters only which are very accurate and durable.
SERVICING: Electroways have maintained enviable reputation in market in after sales service.

Thyristor Controlled Automatic Rectifiers

Cathodic - Anodizing

(Cathodic Protection Transformer Rectifier Unit (CP TRUs)

Electroways manufactures high quality automatic and manual Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs) for Cathodic Protection Application to buried structures, storage tanks at storage terminals / refineries and cross country pipelines that are critical to the hydrocarbon business sector of any country. TRUs are rugged in construction, designed to withstand harsh conditions in which they operate.

Over thousand units, automatic and manual, are in operation in Pakistan with proven performance and complete satisfaction of our customers. Regular training to customers ensures sharing of product knowledge and deriving maximum benefits.

Design Philosophy

  • Parameters that meet long and trouble free operation.
  • Quality management system to enhance product reliability.
  • Stringent component selection.
  • Constant design validation.
  • Ensures high Mean Time between failures.
  • Customization of design for every customer.

Range and Types of TR Units:

AC operated Transformer Rectifier unit:
Input Supply: Single phase / Three phase 50Hzo
Output supply: upto 100 V DC and 800 Amps DC.

Hazardous Area application:

Input supply: Single phase / Three phase 50Hzo
Output supply: upto 100 V DC and 300 Amps DC.

Salient Features of CP TRs: